Mission Statement
ImaginOn's objective is to sell interactive television servers and software to Web developers, businesses and institutions that want to communicate, entertain, inform, educate or market in a new way on the broadband Internet or local area networks.

About ImaginOn
ImaginOn, Inc. (Nasdaq, IMON), founded in 1996, is an information technology company focused on developing and marketing broadband interactive television servers and software. Vertically integrated, ImaginOn offers solutions that can include hardware, software, hosting, web-casting, video production, post production and Web site design.

ImaginOn's ImOn.comTV is a turnkey package of server hardware and software that enables any Web site to present interactive television within a standard browser window. ImOn.comTV delivers instant Web page access from video, viewer-directed video that branches, automated Web searching, and video on demand.

The software technology invented by ImaginOn's founders is the subject of two U.S. patents. ImaginOn's technology applies to the authoring, locating and interactive playback of media intensive data. ImaginOn’s network server software is royalty free, capable of transmitting digital video encoded in many formats, including Apple QuickTime, Microsoft Media-player, and Real Networks. ImOn.comTV servers also include ImaginOn’s own media-centric search engine, WebZinger.

To author interactive TV, ImaginOn offers ImaginAuthor for “drag and drop” creation of content that adds Web links, subtitles and viewer-directed branching to streaming video. Content built with ImaginAuthor can be played from CD ROM, DVD ROM, hard disk, local area network server, or Web server.

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