ImaginOn, Inc. (Nasdaq, IMON), founded in 1996, is an information technology company focused on developing and marketing broadband interactive television servers and software. Vertically integrated, ImaginOn offers solutions that can include hardware, software, hosting, web-casting, video production, post production and Web site design.

The software technology invented by ImaginOn's founders is the subject of two U.S. patents. ImaginOn's technology applies to the authoring, locating and interactive playback of media intensive data. ImaginOn’s network server software is royalty free, capable of transmitting digital video encoded in many formats, including Apple QuickTime, Microsoft® Windows Media™ Player, and Real Networks. ImOn.comTV servers also include ImaginOn’s own media-centric search engine, WebZinger.

The company we keep

ImaginOn is a Microsoft Developer Network Premier member. ImaginVideo can use Windows Media™ Player MPEG 4 files.

ImaginOn is a licensed Sony Tools & Middleware provider for the Sony PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. The ImaginAuthor™ version for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system is available for purchase by licensed Sony PlayStation 2 game developers.

ImaginOn is also a licensed Sony PlayStation 2 content developer. We are creating our own PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system content, and we will offer software that combines viewer-directed video branching with on-line Web content in hybrid DVD/ broadband Internet products.

ImaginOn uses Intel® Internet Media Services to provide its ImaginVideo Internet Television Network customers with reliable worldwide distribution of interactive digital video streams. Intel Internet Media Services supplies high quality, reliable service for ImaginOn's broadband Internet television viewers.

ImaginOn is a Sun Microsystems Strategic Developer. ImaginVideo and ImaginAuthor are Java™-based applications. The ImaginVideo turnkey package can include a Sun Solaris™ server.

ImaginOn's Hong Kong joint venture partner, Imaginon HK, is a member of Sun's iForce community. The iForce initiative is a set of products, services, solutions and programs from Sun and Sun's partners that have been designed to enable the entrepreneur community and enterprise to move quickly and efficiently into the net economy.

In addition to being a licensed QuickTime software distributor, ImaginOn is also a member of the Apple Developer connection. ImaginVideo systems can use QuickTime video files, and ImaginVideo Internet TV stations may be viewed on Macintosh® computers.

ImaginOn is a Benefits Program Sponsor of the International Webmasters Association, Inc., the Web's global organization for advancing the careers of Web professionals. IWA members receive a 10% discount on the purchase of an ImaginVideo system.

ImaginOn is a reseller of Lucent Technologies' Orinoco® line of wireless networking products.

The people

ImaginOn was founded by David M. Schwartz, President and CEO

ImaginOn has grown to a team of about 32 people, including consultants and contractors.

Other Key positions in the company are:



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