David Schwartz, President & CEO

Prior to founding ImaginOn in 1996, David Schwartz, IEEE, AES, was Vice President of New Media Systems & Technology at Atari Corporation, where he invented GameFilm technology for videogame applications, and served as a principal engineer of the Atari Jaguar CD peripheral. Prior to Atari, David headed the software team at Tandy Research that developed the first erasable CD recorder/player. Schwartz started CompuSonics Corporation, which went public in 1984. In 1985, CompuSonics introduced the CompuSonics DSP1000, the first consumer digital audio disk recorder. The CompuSonics Video PC MovieMaker, introduced in 1986, demonstrated real-time digital video recording and editing on a desktop PC.

David received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, after completing a multi-disciplinary program in Architecture, Engineering and Computer Science. He also participated in post-graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon in the School of Industrial Administration. David has been granted twelve US Patents for his inventions and published numerous technical papers.