Imaginon, Inc. (OTCBB symbol, IMGI), founded in 1996, is an information technology company focused on developing and marketing broadband and wireless interactive Internet and intranet software systems. ImaginVideo™, the company's lead product, is a client-server application for the delivery and management of interactive video over TCP/IP networks. ImaginVideo delivers instant Web page access from video, viewer-directed video that branches, automated Web searching, DVD-like random access and video on demand.

Two U.S. patents have been issued for the software technology invented by Imaginon's founders. The primary advantage of the technology to users is that highly relevant formatted rich media data is assembled automatically into easily viewed presentations. The data can be of any type, including audio, video, graphics and text. The interactive presentations can be viewed on a wide variety of devices, ranging from TVs and PCs, to cell phones.

The people
ImaginOn was founded by David M. Schwartz, IEEE, AES, President and CEO.

ImaginOn has grown to a team of about 24 people, including consultants and contractors.

Other Key positions in the company are: